The Holy Scriptures are the Old and the New Testaments; they were written by holy men, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and are God’s revealed word to man. They are a sufficient and infallible rule and guide to salvation and all Christian worship and service.

Christ came according to the Scriptures. He was born of the seed of woman, being virgin-born of Mary. He lived a perfect life, subject to all of the temptations that all humans are, yet never acting on any of them. He is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, each one existing in complete power and individualism of the Godhead. Christ also remains the only incarnation of God and will be the only incarnation of God.

As sin cannot be pardoned without a sacrifice, and the blood of beasts could never wash away sin, Christ gave Himself a sacrifice for the sins of the world and thus made salvation possible for all people. He died for us, suffering in our stead, to make known the righteousness of God, that He might be just in justifying sinners who believe in His Son. Through the redemption effected by Christ, salvation is actually enjoyed in this world and will be enjoyed in the next by all who do not in this life refuse obedience to the known requirements of God.

Our Lord not only died for our sins, but He rose for our justification and ascended up to heaven, where, as the only mediator between God and man, He makes intercession for us until He comes again.